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VINCENT SHEEHAN is the owner and president of           NYSPACE.COM and VINCENT SHEEHAN, INC.

Licensed Real Estate Brokers

Every Commercial Broker in Manhattan subscribes to the same database of listings and information. Our company is different because it represents Commercial Tenants only – NOT Landlords.  As a result, we can: (1) show properties under a variety of ownerships; (2) undertake an informed comparison of suitable spaces; and (3) negotiate with several landlords simultaneously to get an exact picture of market conditions for our customers’ needs and forge the best lease terms on their behalf.   We have no "product" to sell other than unbiased market information, financial analyses, and negotiating acumen, resulting in our customers making informed and intelligent business choices.  As for fees, our brokers are compensated in the form of commissions, payable by the Owners/Landlords with whom we consummate lease transactions.  At the inception of each customer representation, we disclose that we are tenant representatives. The customer advantage of engaging our brokerage services results in cost savings to them in the form of a lower cost of occupancy over the lease term (operating and real estate tax escalations, utilities) and more attractive Landlord contributions (work allowance, rent concessions, among others).

What We Do



   Our company specializes in the following services:   Office Space from Class A to Back Office,   Commercial Lofts  i.e. Tech Space, Architectural, Photo and Artist Studios, and the like   

Our company focuses on the following Manhattan markets/sub-markets:  


The Plaza District  


Rockefeller Center area down to Flat Iron   

Madison Square  

Union Square  



Meat Packing  

Greenwich Village  


Hudson Yards  

Hudson Square 



To learn more about us and how the entire process works, please click on the FIND OUT MORE button below for a link to our nyspace.com site.

About Vincent Sheehan


For almost four decades, Vincent Sheehan, a native New Yorker, has represented Manhattan Commercial Office Space Tenants only.  Customers have included businesses large and small, established and start up, from starving artists and photographers to highly funded profitable and well-known companies. 

 Mr. Sheehan has a proven track record in securing the right fit for his customers.  He has extensive experience in negotiating Commercial Leases in Manhattan, and possesses an expansive knowledge of buildings, spaces, districts and neighborhoods. 

Negotiations go far beyond term and rent.  Many items such as escalations, real estate taxes, base year, free rent, work allowances, how electric is billed, etc., can greatly impact the total cost of occupancy.  If missed, such costs can escalate onerously, especially in the latter years of the term.    Unlike typical brokers, Mr. Sheehan is readily accessible and is a contrarian from “the hard foot-in-the-door sales pitch.”  His customers benefit from his wealth of competitive market knowledge and deal-making expertise.  Mr. Sheehan commits his time and energy to each customer as if he/she were his only customer. 

Contact info: cell 917-797-6099



Please email me or, better still, call me on my cell: 917-797-6099

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